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Book your independent Agile Project Manager
with a focus on the needs and requirements of your project and project team. Simple and direct with no hidden overhead costs.

For the success of your e-commerce solution and the guaranteed happiness of your team.



Bring the dreams for your enterprise to life with Websites4BC Project Management - the ultimate resource for successful project outcomes.

The year is 2023, the big tech companies are laying people off by the thousands without warning. Tech agencies soon follow to stay viable as a business. The baby boomers are retired or half way out the door.
Who was left behind? 
You and your projects!
That is where we come in:
In the
middle of a global economic recession we find the courage to branch out on our own and become the resources that make your business enterprise successful for the next phases, the recovery and global expansion.
But this time, there with one difference; We are here to make it right!

We are as turned off by time waste and overhead costs as you are.

We excel in agile environments and benefit from new technologies.
We are fast, capable, certified and self-motivated.
We want to act in YOUR best interest and not b
e chained down by limitations of an agency.
We want to see you thrive and be the change you were lookin
g for, now it's our time to shine!

- All tech-savvy f
reelancers that ❤︎ their clients


Agile Project Management

Buntes durchscheinendes Glas

Sitecore, Adobe, Kentico, WordPress

Digitale Kunstausstellung

Stores, Workflows and Customer Data in Headless Solutions


Software Integration and  Updates  

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