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Owner/Operator Celina S.

Hi there,

I am the owner of Websites4BC Inc.. My professional journey started in the early 2000's when I finished high school in Germany and started to work as an apprentice for a large publishing house in Hannover. Inspired by the industry and my work in Marketing and Journalism, I then went to study International Journalism and received my Bachelor of Arts from a University in Bremen. I worked as a freelance journalist and for design agencies in the interim, before I decided to follow my interests in economic and business studies and get an MBA in an english speaking country. I graduated in 2013 from the Vancouver Island University with my MBA, MScIB and majored in Finance, but Project Management was also part of my studies. 

The classes sparked my interest in Project Management, but I knew I was going to need more experience in the Software & IT field, so I started working as an intern (VIU co-op) for an automotive dealer group in Richmond. I was handling their data administration, integrations and Marketing campaigns, which exposed me to CRM and CMS systems for the first time in 2013. I later gained some SCRUM certificates and started working in the field of Project Management, which slowly became my biggest passion. 

During my time in university I started working with a software provider for web design, to stay creative and support my interests in CMS software. I was fascinated by the abilities it provided me with as a user and became a great side hustle over the years, which connected me to many small business owners and interesting people worldwide.

I value a global mindset and open-minded people, and find great joy in collaborating with international freelancers and coworkers. I love working with my clients and creating long-lasting relationships with all of them. Most of my time is dedicated to the support of others, I find solutions and help with anything software related whenever and wherever I can. 

I am happy to tell you all about my skillset if you'd like to get in touch. Until then, feel free to download my resume and leave me a message!


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